>The road to Morocco

>I am off and running for the next few weeks.

I fly to Morocco with my daughter, who finished her studies at Columbia having read all about Africa and colonialism, never alas, to have set foot on the continent.

So it will be a big bonding trip for mom and her first baby.

It will also be hot, and we will fill our eyes, ears and mouths with new delights, coming back to fill in pages. Silly perhaps, but we hope to understand better what separates all of us in the world. My belief is that if we visit, eat, sit and talk, the world shrinks and and animosity can melt.

So here we go.


4 responses to “>The road to Morocco

  1. >Hi Wickham! I saw your pitching session in Rome and I loved it! I think the idea it’s great and it has a lot of potential audience. How is it going? Have you had any agreement? Anyhow compliments from Italy!Sabrina

  2. >I saw your pitching session in Rome Too. You won, but those funny mafia guys deserved to win. They were far better!

  3. >I too loved the Mafia guys thought they were funny and great and most probably, I would have voted for them myself if we got to cast a ballot. But I think because it was industry people, executives, in the audience as voters, they wanted a more strait forward presentation: this is the project, these are the characters, this is their arc and why we should care about them. Here is the market share and distribution possibility, and a little short story giggle.And so for one of the first times in my life I actually won something because I was more buttoned down than my usual out-of-control self. Is there a life lesson here? But hell, I too thought the Italian guys were great and I got their CD just for fun later on.

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