>Oh My GOD I forgot to BLOG

>I just forgot. I thought for a second I was holding it together dealing with my son in school, where I didn’t get him a meal plan or health insurance. And speaking of insurance, the adjusters are here to look at the flood damage. I just shut the doors to those flooded rooms and I forgot about that too.

My life is an overwhelmed flurry where I have to navigate a web site to sign over a trademark to my former job.

Where I have to re-edit a story for National Geographic.

Where my agent says I don’t have enough juice to sell my book of essays.

Where the press agent for the opera has me on radio shows at the same time as rehearsal.

Where we have a reading at Barnes and Noble tomorrow and the books — WHEW — just arrive a second ago.

Where I need to keep calling recalcitrant producers, in an attempt to get them to see the show.

Where the books have to now be delivered to Barnes and Noble.

And I promised to help hang the lights.

Like yesterday when composer Doug and I moved all the equipment from the rehearsal room into the theater.


Then after my “moving van“ experience, I had to shower, dress up and have an interview–my third, if you please, for a REAL JOB.

The folks at the REAL JOB were lovely, but the headhunter, who I think doesn’t get creative folks or me at all, is on the fence. A young associate from REAL JOB called this morning, after I said how happy I was to meet them, but this couldn’t be a worse week for me to be taking copious amounts of time to devote to the land of REAL JOB.

Instead, the young HR fella rings to say that the next step is a five-hour psychological exam that must be taken on a PC. (Well, of course they don’t have that type of exam that could work on a Mac) WHAT AN OXYMORON… assessment testing on a Mac.

Okay, still trying to be a good sport I offer, “If you can get me a PC to borrow, I can devote an hour a morning to this test.” That seemed super generous to me.


I haven’t slept five hours in a row in weeks.

I love the idea of this REAL JOB, but oh my goodness, everything at once is well…everything.

Happily, I ran into the head of REAL JOB down in my neighborhood and she said ”Oh focus on your opera and come to us after it opens.” She was a delight, and it took such a load off me and made me love the idea of this job even more.

So when I got home, I encouraged Henry to put all the charges he needs on the credit card.

I am putting some of the “we don’t have copier paper” onto another list and I am focusing on the opera, finding a center, getting books to the bookstore and listening to the singers and musicians.

I am indebted beyond words to Choreographer Edisa Weeks who is a genius and really moving these folks through the little world I created.

I love that Doug never says “Hey I am the composer and not a moving man.”

And to everyone who shows up and lends voices and energies to this amazing endeavor.

I will try and not forget but WOW the list is lengthening.

In the time I wrote this, 23 new emails came in. I am off to deliver books, then back to the theater for rehearsal.

FINGERS CROSSED for all of us and all our dreams.


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