Day 2 of the Big Cleanse

What a day. Day two of the CLEANSE, what that means is no food, and so much liquid I feel as if I am an over filled water balloon and might be tossed and burst. But I also feel freed from the decisions of what to eat or not eat.

OK here is my thought process as I rode my bike to therapy this morning. (Have I said I went back to therapy, yes I did and it is exciting more to come?) So I ride my bike from TriBeCa to Bellevue which sounds like a song. Up town and across town. Maybe 3 miles and I drool watching the bagel and coffee carriers, I inhale the street food, burnt wood fires cooking chicken, I see every pizza parlor, thin crust to thick and I think, well I don’t have to decide today what I am going to eat. And I am going to see that as a gift to me.

After therapy so much stuff, bubbling inside me, thinking and also hungry I decide to go to Pilates because I have an agreement with the owner of the studio, we barter mother info for exercise, a lifetime barter. Amazing. I adore her and love to talk about her wonderful daughter; we both feel a deep connection to each other through the places where we connect to help each other by crossing over with our knowledge. So my pal was supposed to teach and she is gifted and calm, but instead it was a wild young teacher who moves the class as if we needed to finish before the room catches fire. Wow way beyond my slow unfed self, but I persevered.

There was poetry in my head for a few moments in the class

And then, where the surface wavered.

I saw surprise—a sweating older-woman,

And yes there I was the sweating older woman in the class with most folks much younger than I.

Home to work, write, edit, calls and follow this cleanse, which might as well be a job in itself as you have to drink ounces which become gallons of water and take accelerator capsules and drink a murky liquid which tastes like bad orange chewing gum mixed with dirt. Not as terrible as some of these things go and with ice, it’s a veritable cocktail of choice. I am full of energy and the thought of potential and then the news.

Oh why do I watch the news? It seems the Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston has just released a study which shows that exercise, especially for middle age to older women, does nothing to help them control or lose weight. Of course they were quick to point out that there are other benefits to exercise, but it gives credence to my self-observed status. I see so many people wanting to form their mouths to ask the question, How can you ride your bike everywhere, go to Pilates, play tennis, do whatever else you are always doing and look the way you do? And now we see it is not just me.

So that put me a little off my game, but still I now have two full days alone in my loft home with no cooking,  no solid food, no cleaning and no one else to please. I am feeling extremely lucky and happy, oh and I found a pair of boots I had been lusting after for ten bucks. Yes that’s right. The store was going out of business and the boots, great low black motorcycle chick kind of things, had a few drops of paint on one sole. Brand new to me and a perfect fit.


2 responses to “Day 2 of the Big Cleanse

  1. What a fun way to stay connected – I admire your energy.
    I am having a big zero birthday in April and don’t know how to cope with it – so my children decided to give me a party and I was shocked to see they put out there in the world my true age!!! No more hiding – and a bit of a sense of relief.
    the weight – the age –
    I plan to take a sabbatical starting this summer – rent out my house and rent a little place in Pensacola – I have aways wanted to live on the beach and near Elizabeth and Ned – so here goes!
    I am very scared especially because of money!
    love and extravagant hugs

  2. Peter Storandt

    Ah–secret paint drops on one sole! I won’t tell.

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