Here’s to Free

Why is it, at least in my life,  that when things are free they seem to have less value. Ugh, how awful. I know there have been many studies done of late attesting to just such a notion. If we do not pay, there is less perceived value. I ponder this now because since I have been back from India, my trip of wonders, I have been unable to produce, to progress, to walk, or to go to Pilates (free because I have a barter deal there)  So if I had paid for six months of classes would I have to go in order to not be wasteful? But instead I stew and berate myself.

Here is the note on my desk If it is good for you, or free why does it seem it has less value ? I have been pondering, or fretting, holed up in my loft or sweating in the garden upstate, but I have been unable to work out or write substantively. And thus today I began a program in earnest to take advantage of the great free things in my life: Pilates, walking, poetry, writing, a garden full of posies, reading all the books sent as review copies and yes there’s sex, with someone I adore. If it’s free after a time it seems we let things lose their luster. So today is biking to Pilates, then walking, poetry, writing, afternoon hanky-panky and leftovers for dinner. I am appreciating a totally free day. And did I mention sunshine, no humidity and cool breezes. No bill for this.

Tomorrow I will tackle bills, and find health insurance, and edit. Now that will be an expensive day.


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