Rabbit Rabbit: Good Luck in the New Month

Rabbit Rabbit as we say in my house. We believe it is a way of giving yourself good luck through out the month. I would say, of late it is not working.

I am unmoored. I am tipping through my balance point and looking for a place to drop my anchor. I fear I am flailing. I so want a job and I feel, right now at least, that I could work anywhere and be of service, be safe, be happy.

My feelings about finding a job are akin to the sensation of walking the street, eating in a café or visiting friends when you are looking for a mate. After I split with the father of my children I think I questioned myself about every man I saw: Is this him? Are you he? And I did find him, but of course by not looking. This is the lesson, when I wasn’t looking, but rather dating some dumb guy for giggles there  he was,  the love of my life

Of course hyper vigilance gives way to terror and a kind of inaccessibility, where as a devil may care attitude seems to breed, for me at least, a lot of possibility. But how to find that breezy self when it alludes you?

I have no answers today other than to rewrite my resume over and over so that I become too many different people. My daughter says I need to write a fanciful, crazy five -line bio.  So here it is

Wicki Boyle is a juggler, cat whisperer, cat burglar, and speed racer. who has lived and worked all over the world. Her ability to mimic sounds, which borders on echolalia, is a valuable tool for making friends and tending children of all ages. She can cook dinner in anyone’s home in less than 30 minutes from whatever is available. She is a terrible speller with a big vocabulary and an avid weeper. She is entertaining only herself by learning poems and hardly walking at all.


One response to “Rabbit Rabbit: Good Luck in the New Month

  1. I think Garrison Keillor could use your talents.

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