Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Day After the Big Party

Monday comes after my big birthday weekend and the weather again flips to gray and rainy. For nearly 20 years it rained on every birthday. And then it stopped. It was a metaphor for a kind of happiness I allowed myself and the heavens capitulated by shining down on my. Now I see that they are bracketing my day so I can appreciate the sunny and soggy as part of the entirety of my full six decade life.

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Moving Toward 60

Writing becomes more and more sporadic as time rolls toward my new year. I turn 60 on Saturday and I planned a big dancing party. No job, worries about bucks, but I feel I owe this to myself as I ceaselessly toss fetes for others and I want to celebrate and feel good about this decade milestone.

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September 11 . . . enough said?

My opera about September 11, begins BLUE SKY BLUE SKY sung over and over as a chant, a paean to the exact emotion of a day. And now it is nearly 11 o’clock in the morning and I hadn’t realized what day it was. Truth, I have a wonderfully over-grown sense of denial, I forget immediately. And so when I went to write in my gardening journal the date popped up in my head, like a big blue sky.

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