Here we go: everything linked in under one virtual roof

When I left LaMama Back in the day,  (read the obit I wrote on my mentor and founder of LaMama Ellen Stewart)  I ventured out on my own to launch a theater I called Under One Roof. I wanted a name that was expansive, a literal and figurative umbrella. I sought a theater, of course, and a library for multi culti/ multi disciplinary artists, and classes for kids and a haven in the very underdeveloped neighborhood of TriBeCa. So today, I thrashed out by email to my web wizard Lauren Little Wolf Walker  ( I thought about Under One Roof because Lauren had been an intern there. Now she has her own company, a family and I visit her mostly by computing magic. Walker Interactive also made my website, I was their test case and now Little Wolf  deemed it a dinosaur.

I wanted to control my own web destiny. You know, post, add, delete  and edit everything myself so Little Wolf counseled that I needed a new WORD PRESS site. SO HERE IT IS! You will find a blog if I am so moved, or articles as they appear. Here’s one, which came out today, a Q and A with writer Jesse Sholl who penned a brave memoir about growing up with a hoarder mother.

We will archive Memory & Movement here and Midlife Mambo and it will be linked to WWW.WICKIWORLD.COM  too. So here I am again all under one virtual roof and it feels right


3 responses to “Here we go: everything linked in under one virtual roof

  1. Roofs, it seems, move around and expand.

  2. I don’t know who that other guy is but I fear it may be that he thinks I have a roofing company Who knows could be a good sideline
    Gonna check out and send a word to your friend.
    HUGS as ever

  3. Lookin’ good, Wicky.

    Walk like an Egyptian!

    — Bill Benzon (aka kubla)

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