Who’s Robbin’ Who?

Spring is in the air, but we all know that on the island of Manhattan that this is our most lunatic season. Bitter cold to balmy weather in the flick of an eye. So in the last week we have seen toes in flip flops and wool socks and Ugggggs galore. The news has been a bit crazy as well. Dictatorships topple to democracy and  back and forth. For me I am attempting to keep on an even keel and pretend all is well  hoping to trick the gods.

I did manage to help to a guy who runs Two Boots Pizza after he witnessed, and to my mind, thwarted violence in a robbery at Capital One bank. Here is the link to the story, Extra Extra read all about http://www.thevillager.com/villager_407/pizzaman.html

Quick update, Capital One told Junior that YES the bank will cover the money he shoved at the robber to get him to leave.  Wonderful the power of the press when you say to a manager, ” I’m writing a story about today’s robbery. Let’s see Cap One’s fourth quarter profits were X and Junior’s profits were, wait he has no profits.” How quickly the mighty back down if someone says  HEY WE ARE WATCHING. And kudos to Community News for getting this piece to press so swiftly. Funny how good something going right can make me feel.

Another interesting street siting today, Anderson Cooper, fully hoodied, little blue tee and sweet Asian sweetie, I presume, by his side wandering in the spring fever streets. Walking south on Seventh Avenue  to the West Village. I said one of my big HELLO’s I feel drawn to holler hello, always. But it made me think if someone like Anderson Cooper came out if would mean that folks in the mid-section of America would now know a Gay person. We all need to know Arabs, some Italians, some blacks, some more Arabs. Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, a sprinkling of Asians and a Scot or two. Really we need to have a crazy quilt of people so that we all are connected. We need a wide ranges some good, some stellar, some ass holes so we see that good and bad come in all colors, sizes and creeds. When we know that it is more difficult to pigeon hole folks.

But what about Anderson’s privacy? I thought that too. When you become a celebrity  is part of what you give up for the cash, good restaurant tables, and great work, some of your anonymity ? I was pondering this as I rode my bike back down to my loft. When I got home my neighbor Reno, a a well know lesbian writer, thinker, performer,  and comedian was stepping inside. I told her my conundrum.

” Why do strait people think that Gay people have to be braver than they are? Everyone wants privacy. Why do we have to always be on the march with a banner? You wouldn’t want that would you? ”

I wouldn’t, she’s right. But I also wouldn’t want to wallow in a life where I only know one kind of person. So it rests balanced at a draw. I could help the pizza man get his monies back, but I can’t tell the world about Anderson Cooper and his sweet sweetie because that is not my  call. Journalism, writing, blogging or just being a concerned citizen has its limits, like all of life. And why shouldn’t it.


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