The email from the guru read: I got drunk and forgot the conference call

I am working on a conference on creating legacy for high powered executives. It is led by three folks who are well respected in the spiritual community, as well as people who have gained great success in the business world.
We are all working as volunteers, believing in this idea as a concept, which in a new paradigm, could redefine success and what we leave as a legacy, both to family and corporations. And so we have all been toiling, agreeing to share the proceeds and hopefully have a rollicking success and then move on to produce many more of these symposia. Maybe.
But first we have to launch this one. And so since we all have other tidbits of work we have conference calls to get as E says “into harmony”. We had one of these calls last night. E and I were on the phone waiting, I was yacking away. There was no J. I called his cell and left a message. we parsed some potential conference glitches and then agreed not to worry about J;  life had intervened.
This morning we received this email from J ” I went to a memorial service for my mentor. It hit me harder than I expected. I got drunk and forgot the conference call. My apologies. Can we talk this afternoon?”  I love that J,  a spiritual demi god  to me, wrote with candor. It was so clear, so open and so unashamed.
In my life, for years, there has been a kind of obfuscation about ever, EVER making mistakes. I had to lie, cover up and attempt to prevaricate to create the sense that I was  perfect or I wouldn’t be able to exist within my family or work world.
And here was J’s complete honesty.
I value that and it is freeing. Often I feel I am the only one floating alone, stumbling and  falling so egregiously off the path. Id someone so much more evolved than I am, can find the inner grist and safe space to say, I took a detour, I am back, then I maybe I can as well.

4 responses to “The email from the guru read: I got drunk and forgot the conference call

  1. I missed a conference call that I was to lead because I had to take my wife to the emergency room a couple of months ago. The others on the call, senior educators in our field (I am their association liaison), according to emails they exchanged, assumed that something had interfered or that I had forgotten about the call. When I apologize by email at 3 AM the following day, only two (out of six) responded with anything like understanding. The others were silent or told my boss that I should be reprimanded.

  2. Wow imagine if you had been sad, honest and gotten a little snookered. We are all too unforgiving. That is why I so appreciated J’s unvarnished honesty. I would opt for the wife and emergency room any day and to me that makes you a better employee and team member. Come to our conference!!

  3. Nice post, Wicky.

    The veil of perfection is a drag.

  4. Perfection is seeing and being seen through a slightly myopic lens, with astounding results – Monet’s waterlilies.

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