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>Winter Solstice 2009


Today is the shortest day with the longest night and we had a blast of sunshine during the peak hours and I ventured forth. I did nothing of consequence, I went to the bank and the super market and I ran into my Italian teacher from ages ago and actually turned my bike around after hearing his voice. It was clearly him, even though I hadn’t heard those dulcet tones in years. OK I had a crush on him but still. Cool to see him and his girl friend.

Then I was weigh laid by the Internet, (a new year, new decade resolution: half hour maximum in the vortex of electronic procrastination), so then I checked out a new site, mentioned in the Times magazine this week and on I found this info. In 1932 Wilfred J. Funk, whose father launched the Funk and Wagnall dictionary, posited a list of the ten most beautiful words in the English language. Melody, murmuring, hush, lush, chimes, golden, lullaby, mist, luminous tranquil dawn.

My take: I was murmuring a lush melody, a lullaby, as I pondered the luminous, golden dawn breaking through the mist this tranquil morn; silent save for distant chimes.

My former consulting job, just ended mid December, wanted me to finish a report, which I offered to write two weeks ago, but they said they didn’t need me to do it. But today they need it done, NOW but I do not have the information to do it ASAP.  Oh well it will have to wait until after the holiday. Is that a surprise??

This interaction made me depressed, uneasy, disquiet. WHY I hate to do something half-assed and my reaction is akin to an anxiety attack. So since I could not achieve the report I mended all the items on my fix it list, I did wash, I cleaned out the refrigerator, wrapped gifts, even the big ones which I thought could be given in card board boxes, and I am raring to go to the Winter Solstice yoga class. The last thing is a lie, but I thought by saying it I might make it so. In deep winter when it gets dark early,  all I want to do is hunker and cuddle and read or watch a movie or maybe roll over. But there is going to be cello and good cheer so I will push out of my cave and do sun salutations hoping, as my ancient ancestors believed, that might bring the sun back. And you know what tomorrow the day will be a tad longer, and who knows it might be all because we saluted the sun in her shortest appearance of the year.

After the Yoga class.

It’s true all is new intentions and an upward facing spirit from all the downward facing dogs.  I dragged my 25-year-old daughter, as she has tugged me along on other nights when I was less inclined. And after the amazing class, we both agree that a session where mind, body and spirit unite is all wonder. And that is was taught in an unflinchingly beautiful, candle lit, loft downtown, where Indian samosas, sparkling cider and wine were served to celebrate the Solstice was the best thing we could have done. We parted ways after class, she off to a party and me slipping and sliding home to my own candles, cats and a dinner to cook.