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Humbled by the YouTube Tot

Humbled, that is how I feel after seeing this video of a three-year-old reciting a Billy Collins poem

Maybe I should be emboldened to believe that it is a human need to learn and recite poems, rather than some weird, exotic tick taking me over in my sixth decade. I tend of late to veer to the negative. Oh I have moments aplenty where my natural ebullience bubbles to the surface, but keeping my breath, thoughts and steps on the positive path has been a challenge.

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>Hello gang who may come to read from time to time.

I do not want you all to think that I have been idle sitting on my typing hands, or not thinking. In fact I began a new blog this January called Memory and Movement
I like this project. It has gotten me to walk some, in honesty that is the least successful portion of the project, but I have committed to memory so many lovely poems. And I found that memorizing and having these beauties at my beck and call allows me a kind of meditative calm.
Join me ! Send me poems you adore. Tell me what are you thinking about jogging memory or shaking your body to be more fit. I know we are all in this together so share share share.